[Webinar] Reaching the Tipping Point: Web App and API Security’s Biggest Challenges

Yesterday’s security tools weren't designed to defend against modern web attacks.

We surveyed security and engineering professionals from 500 organizations worldwide to find out why legacy security tools are lacking and compiled our findings into an original report, Reaching the Tipping Point of Web Application and API Security. The detailed research gives eye-opening insights into average spend on security tools, security tool sprawl, and time spent responding to false positives — but what does this mean for your organization?

Blind spots only grow bigger and harder to control as web apps become more distributed. Join us for a discussion with our security research team where they explore in detail the findings of our 2021 web application and API security research, including:

  • Why your security tool usage isn’t as effective as you think
  • What the current security investment trends mean
  • How to address the top application security challenges

About the Presenters


Simran Khalsa - Sr. Security Engineer, Security Research, Fastly

Simran is a Senior Security Engineer at Fastly where he focuses on security research with the aim of fortifying our technology and approach to preventing real-world web layer attacks.

Kelly Shortridge - Senior Principal, Fastly

Kelly Shortridge is a Senior Principal at Fastly in Product Technology and wrote the book on Security Chaos Engineering (O'Reilly Media). Kelly has been a successful enterprise product leader as well as an entrepreneur (with an exit to Crowdstrike) and investment banker.


John Grady - Senior Analyst of Cybersecurity, ESG

Senior Analyst John Grady covers network security at ESG. John leverages over 15 years of IT vendor and analyst experience to help clients identify and quantify key market trends to facilitate data-driven business decisions.

Sean Leach - Chief Product Architect, Fastly

Sean is Chief Product Architect at Fastly, where he focuses on driving the product and technology strategy, security and network research, as well as evangelizing Fastly globally.