The future of web development & hosting: how to build performance apps for the modern web

Join, Fastly, Gatsby, and Redmonk for a dynamic discussion on today’s most innovative application delivery and hosting solutions.

During this 45 minute webinar, our speakers will explore:

  • Why you need an edge cloud, a modern front-end, and container-based hosting
  • How the modern web and hosting landscape has changed
  • How to take advantage of the latest innovations in web development and hosting
  • What JAMstack is and how it can help you take advantage of cloud hosting

What to expect


Whether you’re building a modern website or web application, you’ll need a hosting solution. But hosting technologies have evolved; full proprietary monoliths are architectures of the past. Innovative next-generation cloud options, and architectures like JAMstack, are fundamentally changing the way websites and applications are being created to provide even greater performance, security, and scalability.

With so many options available, it’s easy for the content creators of today (everyone from web developers to organizations) to get distracted from their true purpose: creating content. They’re responsible for delivering their content at lightning speed, protecting themselves from online attacks, and ensuring they can reliably scale. They shouldn’t have to worry about these things––and they don’t have to.


Michael Schmid
CTO & Co-founder,



Kyle Mathews
Founder & CEO, Gatsby


Kelly Fitzpatrick
Industry Analyst, RedMonk


Simon Wistow
VP of Strategic Initiatives
& Co-founder, Fastly