How to make security an enabler of innovation

Sounil Yu, CISO at JupiterOne and author of Cyber Defense Matrix, talks about making security an enabler for innovation in the business versus the “Department of No.”

The talk covers:

  • Sounil’s D.I.E. (Distributed, Immutable, Ephemeral) acronym and how it can help your security strategy.
  • Pets vs cattle, what is the perfect balance?
  • The three pillars of security: vulnerability, threat, and impact

Experts featured

  • Sounil Yu

    CISO and Head of Research, JupiterOne

  • Bea Hughes

    Staff Security Engineer, PagerDuty

  • Kelly Shortridge

    Sr. Principal Product Technologist, Fastly


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“This new way of thinking, which I embody in the concepts of distributed, immutable and ephemeral, I think, align better with the business initiatives and business drivers.”

Sounil Yu

CISO and Head of Research


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