Secure your web apps and APIs, wherever they live

The Fastly Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences) is the first and only unified solution that empowers security and DevOps teams to confidently protect their apps and APIs anywhere they live — from containers, to on-prem, to the cloud and to the edge — all from a single solution, without impacting performance or blocking legitimate traffic.

Why Fastly Next-Gen WAF?

Future-proof your organization with the widest range of deployment methods and detect and block malicious attacks without blocking real customers.


Four Things Every Security Director Should Know About GraphQL

In this white paper we unveiled the key insights about GraphQL we’ve gathered in our conversations with industry experts and lay out a path to secure your GraphQL APIs.

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Surfacing Attacks and Anomalies with the Fastly Next-Gen WAF

With the right tools to tag and label requests to your applications and APIs, traffic that appears anomalous can power highly-customized protection and visibility.

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Identifying Web Attack Indicators

Examine malicious web request patterns for the most common web attack methods. Learn how to gain the context and visibility that is key to stopping these attacks.

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Proven, tested, trusted.
2022 Gartner Peer Insights™

Fastly is named a Customers' Choice for four consecutive years. Read why our customers rank Fastly as one of the highest-rated Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) vendors.


"The next-generation aspect of [Fastly]'s WAF was very compelling for me because I need WAF management that is, essentially, effortless—something that can be set up really quickly but still be a major part of our security program. If I get a notification from [Fastly] that a new user is a bad actor, I can immediately block him, which is very important for me, and for our customers. I don't think any other solution on the market can give us all that."

Slawomir Zabiewicz

VP of Engineering

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    Exploring Custom Signals

    Combining signals with our rules allows for our next-gen WAF to create more precise and customized responses to requests.

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    Next-Gen WAF product brief

    Review the key benefits of our highly rated web application firewall.

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