Secure your web apps and APIs, wherever they live

The Fastly Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences) is the first and only unified solution that empowers security and DevOps teams to confidently protect their apps and APIs anywhere they live — from containers, to on-prem, to the cloud and to the edge — all from a single solution, without impacting performance or blocking legitimate traffic.

Why Fastly Next-Gen WAF?

Future-proof your organization with the widest range of deployment methods and detect and block malicious attacks without blocking real customers.


10 Key Capabilities of Next-Gen WAF

Many vendors claim they provide effective and scalable offerings to protect applications and APIs, so we dig into exactly what makes Fastly the next-gen WAF technology of choice.

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Surfacing Attacks and Anomalies with the Fastly Next-Gen WAF
With the right tools to tag and label requests to your applications and APIs, traffic that appears anomalous can power highly-customized protection and visibility.

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Blocking Advanced Web Attacks Webinar

Our next-gen WAF is so effective, over 90% of customers use it in full blocking mode. Learn how your team can leverage real-time visibility across the application footprint and the ability to stop advanced web attacks without disrupting the customer experience.

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Proven, tested, trusted.

2022 Gartner Peer Insights™

Fastly is named a Customers' Choice for four consecutive years. Read why our customers rank Fastly as one of the highest-rated Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) vendors.


"The next-generation aspect of [Fastly]'s WAF was very compelling for me because I need WAF management that is, essentially, effortless—something that can be set up really quickly but still be a major part of our security program. If I get a notification from [Fastly] that a new user is a bad actor, I can immediately block him, which is very important for me, and for our customers. I don't think any other solution on the market can give us all that."

- Slawomir Zabiewicz, VP of Engineering

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    Exploring Custom Signals

    Combining signals with our rules allows for our next-gen WAF to create more precise and customized responses to requests.

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    Next-Gen WAF product brief

    Review the key benefits of our highly rated web application firewall.

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