How security falls short of developer expectations

Ellen Körbes shares her perspective, as a developer, on the role security plays in her day-to-day work life. She also touches on how the security and engineering team relationship should operate.

Highlights include:

  • Recommendations on developer tooling
  • The importance of leadership when developer and security teams are having a hard time cooperating
  • The art of “invisible work” when it comes to the security team supporting developers

Experts featured

  • Ellen Körbes

    Head of Product, Tilt Dev

  • Bea Hughes

    Staff Security Engineer, PagerDuty

  • Kelly Shortridge

    Sr. Principal Product Technologist, Fastly


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Identifying Web Attack Indicators

Fastly Next-Gen WAF Architecture and Deployment Overview

“I think for security it's complicated because the goal of security is nothing happens. If nothing happens, you have succeeded….In terms of developer experience which is what I’ve worked with the most, I think the goal is, generally, are things easier now than they used to be?”

Ellen Körbes

Head of Product, Tilt Dev

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