Enterprises and the Multi-Cloud of Madness

Enterprises are adopting a multi-cloud strategy at a faster pace than ever before. According to 451 Research, 74% of companies have adopted two or more public cloud solutions to scale and maintain their business operations.

Although this adoption of cloud technologies is seemingly exponential, the operational execution has not been able to scale in parallel. The blurry demarcation between security engineers and cloud operations can leave teams frustrated, especially when the talent is hard to source.

Dan Kennedy, principal analyst at 451 research, invites Fastly’s CISO Mike Johnson and Sr. Director of Security Operations Lora Vaughn to discuss security strategies for multi-cloud environments and how to ensure teams can scale to meet future challenges.

In this webinar attendees will learn:

  • How scaling an enterprise, multi-cloud environment provides unique challenges to the security operations and cloud engineering teams
  • Where companies can focus on sourcing, developing, and managing cloud security skill sets

Hosted by

  • Mike Johnson

    Chief Information Security Officer, Fastly
  • Laura Vaughn

    Senior Director of Security Operations, Fastly
  • Dan Kennedy

    Principal Analyst, 451 Research

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