The race to adapt

How your cybersecurity posture is affecting your business’s bottom line

In the fast-paced cybersecurity landscape, breaches not only disrupt systems but also impact your bottom line, making it crucial to adapt quickly in the constant race to stay ahead.

We surveyed almost 1,500 IT decision-makers in large organizations globally to reveal their security investments and plans. This report offers essential insights into your peers' security concerns and strategies, providing valuable input for shaping your cybersecurity strategy for 2024 and beyond.

Key findings:

  • Businesses report an average revenue loss of 10% due to cyber attacks in the past year.
  • Get ready for increased spending—76% of businesses plan to boost cybersecurity budgets in the next 12 months.
  • Top attacks in 2023 include ransomware (29%), large-scale DDoS (28%), and open-source software vulnerabilities (25%).
  • Recovering trust takes time—businesses need nearly 8 months on average after a cyber attack.
  • Gen AI: Friend or Foe? 35% of cybersecurity experts see Generative AI as a near-future threat, but 75% expect long-term benefits.

Download the complete report now for a deep dive into key findings, vertical insights, regional data, and a secure-by-design approach to bolster your defenses.