Supercharging your platform

How tech and trust combine to power the new era of edge computing

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand how customer expectations for performance and personalized experiences coupled with disruptors like WebAssembly and AI are shaping the compute environment.
  • Learn from guest Forrester industry expert, Devin Dickerson; Fastly’s CTO, Tyler McMullen; and Fastly’s VP of Developer Relations, Anil Dash about what it means to be a good edge ecosystem partner and the need for true interoperability between edge providers, and edge and cloud providers.
  • Hear from Max Stoiber, CEO at Stellate, about why they chose the Fastly platform to deliver Stellate’s GraphQL Edge Caching and metrics solutions to their customers.

Check out the panelists

Organizations are adopting edge strategies and developing platform solutions to help customers optimize performance and costs. Yet, choosing a partner they can trust to help them grow their platforms safely and reliably can be difficult. Join us as we review the challenges and discuss the considerations when selecting the right partner.

  • Devin Dickerson

    Principal Analyst at Forrester

  • Max Stoiber

    Stellate CEO

  • Anil-Dash-Sq.png
    Anil Dash

    Head of Glitch and VP, Developer Experience at Fastly

  • McMullen_Tyler-Sq.png
    Tyler McMullen

    Fastly CTO