Security at the Edge: Fastly & reCAPTCHA Enterprise Integration

The surge in sophisticated bot automated fraud attacks has materially affected technology organizations, who lose 5% of annual gross revenue on average to fraud1. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Fastly have partnered together to protect customers from fraud at the network edge with reCAPTCHA Enterprise.

During this 30 minute webinar, attendees will learn:

  • What the current bot and fraud market looks like today, and how the impact of fraudulent activity impacts businesses
  • How reCAPTCHA Enterprise provides exceptional automated bot defense
  • How technologies deployed at the network edge can retain enterprise value without adding friction

Webinar speakers headline

To provide our customers with a more robust web app and API security offering, Fastly acquired Signal Sciences in late 2020. So, no matter how or where you deploy your applications, we can protect them at scale. To learn more about our leading next-gen solution, reach out to our team of security experts.

  • Hakan Kilic

    Senior Product Manager, reCAPTCHA/Cloud Security, Google

  • Asad Baheri

    Senior Director of Product, Fastly

  • Liz-Hurder-Headshot.jpeg
    Liz Hurder

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Fastly

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