One year free WAF - let’s upgrade your security

Limited time offer: Get 4 years for the price of 3

Are you inundated with false positives and brittle appsec configurations? Do you struggle with the high costs of managing appsec for your critical apps and APIs?

Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF offers a better way.

Give us a week and we’ll show you how Fastly is different.

Ditch the toil - try a POC for a week and see how our Next-Gen WAF outperforms other WAFs with highly accurate threat detection, minimal rule tuning, and renowned ease of use. We’re so confident you’ll see an improvement, we are offering special pricing on our Next-Gen WAF:

Sign up for 3 years and get the 4th year free!

Fastly is the only vendor recognized for 6 consecutive years as a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Cloud WAAP. Try us out and see why we received:

  • 4.9/5 stars overall rating
  • Customers’ Choice Distinction for Large Enterprise ($1B-$10B) and Midsize Enterprise ($50M-$1B)
  • Additional Customers’ Choice Distinction for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Why customers choose Fastly:

  • Accuracy: Almost 90%1 of our customers use our WAF in full-blocking mode in production. Our SmartParse technology results in fewer false positives and less tuning.
  • Visibility: Unlike other WAFs, the Next-Gen WAF’s Signals provide deep visibility into traffic behavior.
  • Flexibility: Deploy anywhere, integrate with your DevOps and SecOps tools, and customize easily.
  • Consolidated platform: Fully integrated with Fastly’s CDN for added security, including edge rate limiting, always-on DDoS protection, and TLS management.
  • Bot Management: Protect your sites and APIs against unwanted automated traffic with our add-on bot offering.
  • Support: Our ~98%2 customer satisfaction score speaks for itself.

"With the Next-Gen WAF, once we turn it on it starts blocking things immediately, right there at the edge. It's identifying all these malicious actors and they’re not making their way to our code at all. It's all being blocked right there at the edge. It's been shockingly easy to use, too."

Brian Benns

Senior Site Reliability Engineer


  • Offer applies to new Fastly Next-Gen WAF customers purchasing either a Starter, Advantage or Ultimate Security Package as defined by Fastly pricing (including existing customers who are not Fastly Next-Gen WAF customers).

  • Customers must purchase a minimum of 36 months for their contract term to receive a free fourth year.

  • Executed customer service order or binding purchase order must be received by September 30th, 2024 in order to qualify.

1 As of March 2023

2 As of September 2023