Fastly delivered 189% ROI over 3 years* according to study

Commissioned by Fastly, Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) reveals that composite organization using Fastly experienced improved web performance, reduced costs, increased revenue, and enhanced customer experience. This organization overcame challenges like slow performance for website and streaming services and high expenses for on-premises hardware and data center interconnectivity to support website and streaming services, benefiting from operational efficiency, growth, and enablement to make faster, smarter decisions. Fastly's CDN boosted conversions and revenue, providing improved security, uptime, and satisfaction.

Download the Forrester TEI study, commissioned by Fastly, for more insights on Fastly's transformative impact.

*A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Fastly, July 2023.

From the study

No two companies face identical challenges, but realizing tangible and intangible benefits is possible with Fastly.

"The biggest differentiator from Fastly is the sheer level of configurability. You can change practically anything within the network services stack to manipulate requests, enhance them, send something to a different back-end system or to a different origin."

Director of engineering, travel and hospitality

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Of Fastly Network Services