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Secure Cloud-Native Apps from Layer 7 Attacks


Gain visibility over traffic in cloud environments.

Securing cloud-native apps is complicated — basic app functions rely on a web of distributed services, APIs, and containers exchanging requests.

Microservices-based architectures have a large attack surface area that’s challenging to secure. How can you gain visibility into the service-to-service traffic powering your cloud-native apps?

Our security experts will share strategies in an interactive presentation. You’ll learn how to:
  • Secure public, private, and hybrid clouds
  • Protect east-west traffic between microservices
  • Apply uniform security policies across your cloud environments
  • Embed security into container deployments


Brendon Macaraeg

Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Fastly

Brendon leads product marketing for Fastly which protects the web presence of the world’s leading brands. Prior, Brendon led product marketing for the incident response and professional services division of CrowdStrike. He also led product marketing efforts for both Norton and Symantec.

Liz Hurder

Product Marketing Manager, Fastly

Liz is a Security Product Marketing Manager at Fastly, having also recently joined through the Signal Sciences acquisition. Her career spans multiple security companies across web application, cloud, and endpoint protection.


Fastly + Signal Sciences: Transforming the security landscape, together

To provide our customers with a more robust web app and API security offering, Fastly acquired Signal Sciences in late 2020. So, no matter how or where you deploy your applications, we can protect them at scale. To secure your experience with a leading next-gen solution, reach out to our team of security experts.