More than a CDN: consider an edge network for better performance and enhanced security

Make an informed decision when it comes to your content delivery by understanding the benefits of a modern edge network. The IDC Spotlight for Software Defined Edge, sponsored by Fastly, explains why a fully software-defined edge network provides the flexibility you need for solutions that work today, and can adapt to what you need for the future.

Download now to see why not all CDNs can deliver:

  • Better customer experience
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced security
  • Dynamic personalization

All closer to your end users.

IDC Spotlight, Sponsored by Fastly, Software-defined Edge Improves Application Performance and Enhances Security, Doc. #US51909624, March 2024

Application performance is crucial to business success in a digital economy.

IDC believes that Fastly's software-defined edge, augmented by Wasm's secure, microsecond runtime, can help enterprises succeed in an environment that demands secure and high-performing applications. To the extent that Fastly can address the challenges identified in this paper, the company has a significant opportunity for success in this growing marketplace.

Ghassan Abdo

Research VP, WW Telecom, Virtualization & CDN

Melissa Holtz-Fremeijer

Research Manager, European Enterprise Infrastructure and Communications